We exist to transform the lives of people by telling our true stories of experiencing God’s powerful presence in our lives and sharing how we learned to hear His voice.

“Tuning in to the Voice of God”  –  A True Christian Testimonial

In this true testimonial presentation I share deep, intimate details of my grief and loss at the death of my son, Adam.  I reveal God’s abiding love and support through many signs, wonders and miracles that aided me in my journey through that “valley of the shadow of death”.

My goal in this talk is to help you develop a deeper relationship with God, discover His purpose for your life, by learning how better to ‘Tune-In’ to His voice.

“What does an automobile license plate,
three monarch butterflies,
and an Irish Setter
all have to do with
Tuning In to the Voice of God?”

“Find the answer in my special message!”
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As a registered 501 c. 3. nonprofit ministry, operating from Minnesota, I do not charge a fee for speaking at churches but I gratefully accept an honorarium or free-will gift.

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We are a 501 c. 3. nonprofit ministry in Minnesota.
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