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In nearly 20 years of serving others as Founders and Directors of LNF Ministries, my wife Linda and I have given our best to help those who have suffered from the death of a child.  And with generous support from folks like you our work has reached across America and to International destinations as well.  Thank you!!!

During that time, we also provided scholarships for high school and college-bound students in the disciplines of Christian Ministry, Music and Aviation.

So, what exactly have we been doing in Ministry these past 20 years?

Well, through LNF Ministries, our Love Baskets outreach and the Adam M. Triplett Memorial Scholarship Fund, we reached out with the compassion of Christ into the lives of thousands to bring hope, healing and support.  In addition, we traveled near and far to share our unique personal story, conducted seminars for Compassionate Friends National Conference in Rochester, Minnesota, and we even provided some one-on-one support to local families. To date, we have sent out over 2000 Love Baskets and supported nearly a dozen young people with scholarships.

Linda and I approached our ministry work as unique missionaries – story tellers. We lived through our own loss and found ourselves steeped in the compassion of Christ to reach out to others in grief. We focused on building relationships, providing helpful Christian-based resources for learning and healing, and we offered ourselves as examples through seminars and one-on-one sharing.

Here is our BIG NEWS!

We asked ourselves that proverbial fork-in-the-road question regarding our future ministry work.  “Where do we go from here?”  And after much discussion, we decided to answer a new call on our lives. As we prayed and meditated on God’s Word regarding our future service, God spoke early one morning when He guided us to “…go and tell your story to the world.”


After 20 years of sending Love Baskets and providing scholarships we are now ready to reach thousands more with our unique message! We have developed a special presentation titled Tuning In To The Voice of God, centering at sharing our personal testimony of how God brought us From Mayhem to Miracles after the death of our son.

Tuning In To The Voice of God is a message everyone needs to hear. As we assessed our impact over the past 20 years we came to the conclusion that we simply need to reach more people with our message.

“As of 2014, there were roughly 245 million adults in the United States, including 173 million Christians and 56 million people without a religious affiliation…  In Minnesota alone there are an estimated 5.4 million adults and 49% of them consider themselves religious.“           (www.pewresearch.org).

We want to bring people to Christ, back to Christ, and into God’s family. We believe our unique story will provide wonderful insights on how people can learn about Tuning In to the Voice of God in their own lives, and we share tips on how we did just that.

We could certainly use your support!
Prayer  –  Influence  –  Financial

We believe we are uniquely called and qualified to reach the community of Christian churches all across America with our message.  Linda and I have already made our faith promise to this campaign along with others.

Would you help us financially to support our mission efforts?

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God has simply told us to “…go and tell your story to the world.”, and we trust Him to take care of all the rest. And like any other missionary in ministry we need a bit of support to get started.  It is our plan and hope that the ministry will become self-supporting as we press on into the future.

Our goal is not just a one-time event or a ‘blip on the screen’.  We’ve diligently prepared ourselves for the long-haul. We’ve been called to tell our story, to bring awareness of the ever-present faithfulness of God and bring believers into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and hopefully bring the unsaved into His family.  This ongoing mission will become a life-giving ministry but only with your help.

Help us as we work hard to provide a life-giving, faith-building effort across America (and hopefully beyond). Help us get our story to thousands of churches across America.

Help us bring our story to the world!

Be sure to visit our SUPPORT page for more information on how you can partner with us and help us in our ministry work.

Thank You,

Mark & Linda Triplett
Tuning In To The Voice of God

Our Books:
From Mayhem to Miracles
A Mother’s Journal

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Make a secure on-line financial gift today:

We are a 501 c. 3. non-denominational, nonprofit ministry in Minnesota.
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