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by Mark Triplett

We often think of miracles a mere coincidence.
But, as Mark has discovered, miracles are real, tangible events often shrouded in mystery and intrigue.  His own personal journey through grief opened his eyes, ears and heart to ‘tune-in’ to the language of God’s miracle messages, His ‘voice’.

Challenging at times, but always rewarding, Mark found answers and meaning to some of life’s most perplexing and often agonizing questions.

In this candid look deep into the personal journey of one man’s grief at the death of his son, you will come away with a new and fresh perspective of how real and present miracles are today.

Mark’s other writings appear on his blog at:   https://lnfministries.blogspot.com

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 by Linda Triplett

A Mother’s Journal is a book written from the broken heart of a mother as she struggles to cope with the most devastating loss the human heart can bear – the death of a child.  Penetrating and personal, this journal is a true and vivid picture of a mother’s grief in the midst of the tragic loss of her son.

Throughout its pages, grief attacks without notice and attempts to strip away her heart, mind and soul, and in her struggles, she cries out to her son… “I will miss you, forever.”

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